Kindergarten Staff

Each member of the Horizon Honors Elementary School staff is committed to creating and maintaining an environment of trust, risk-taking, flexibility, and respect. The environment enables students to learn, believe, dream and dare by fostering choice, exploration, dialogue and real-world problem solving.

Donna Bennett

Donna Bennett
Kindergarten Teacher

Years of experience in Education: 18

Years at Horizon Honors Elementary School: 18

Background: Bachelor’s degree in Psychology, Teacher Certification in Elementary Education, TAP Certified

Favorite part of teaching: "The kids. They are amazing."

Why Teach Kindergarten Students? "They are open and honest and really want to learn. It is such a joy to be a part of their lives. I learn something from them every day!"

Meredith Colbrunn

Meredith Colbrunn
Kindergarten Teacher

Years of experience in Education: 11

Years at Horizon Honors Elementary School: 2

Background: Bachelor’s degree in Elementary Education

Favorite part of teaching: "Without a doubt, my favorite part of teaching is getting to be surrounded by adorable, little people all day long. Just looking at their faces makes my day brighter."

Why Teach Kindergarten Students? "I adore kindergarten students. They lack a filter, they love wholeheartedly, they trust implicitly, and everything is new and exciting to them. I cannot think of a better grade to teach."

Monica Jimenez

Monica Jimenez
Kindergarten Teacher

Years of Experience in Education: 14
Years at Horizon Honors Elementary School: 10
Background: Bachelor’s degree in Early Childhood Education
Favorite Part about Teaching: “Building relationships.  I enjoy getting to know my students, learning their strengths, celebrating their successes and watching them grow.”
Why Teach Kindergarten Students?  “When teaching Kindergartners, everything you teach them is new and exciting.”

Erin Reid

Erin Reid
Kindergarten Mentor Teacher

Years of Experience in Education: 17
Years at Horizon Honors Elementary School: 17
Background: Bachelor’s degree in Early Childhood Education, master’s degree in Educational Technology, TAP certified.
Favorite Part about Teaching:  “The students.  Their love of something new, the challenge, makes me strive to be a better teacher and a better person.  I want to know who they are, their wants, needs, and dreams.  Getting to know who they are as people helps me understand how to help them learn and I get to be a small part of their lives for a little while.  Every day is filled with joy.  No day, week, month, or year is ever the same and I just love what every new day brings. “
Why Teach Kindergarten Students?  “Except for student teaching, I have always been in Kindergarten.  I actually completed my student teaching in a first grade and was looking for a job in a first or second grade classroom.  When I was hired at Horizon Honors Elementary in a Kindergarten position, I wasn’t sure that I would be able to teach students at this age.  After the first day, I was hooked!  Many people are not given the opportunity to really see how amazing a 5-year-old's mind is and how capable they really are.  Every student I have had the pleasure to know has not only met my challenge, but has taught me things that I never dreamed of.  They look at the world in such a unique and unbiased way that, for many, seems simple.  But when you really listen and have a child share with you their thoughts, you realize they are the most brilliant people you have come across in a long while.  They are not bound by rules, their thoughts have not been boxed in to meet certain standards or roles, but they are truly free to explore and express their ideas without constraints.  This is an amazing time and I am so thankful every day that I am lucky enough to call this my job.  I am one of those lucky people that can, without a doubt, say I LOVE my job!”

Headshot of Elizabeth Robertson

Elizabeth Robertson
Kindergarten Teacher

Years of experience in Education:
Years at Horizon Honors Elementary School: 15
Background: Bachelor's degree in  Merchandise Management, master's degree in Education  Curriculum and Instruction, TAP certified.
Favorite part of teaching: "Teaching is my second career and I truly came to it out of a desire to work with children and make a difference. After spending time in a 3-4 classroom here at Horizon Honors, I decided the classroom was where I needed to be. I love the looks on the students' faces as they concentrate, maybe even struggle, and how they light up when they realize how much they are capable of and how much they have learned."
Why Teach Kindergarten Students? "Kindergarten is the BEST! Everything is new, and the potential for growth is unlimited. There is such an innocence and excitement with the students and they are truly excited to learn."

Donna Levi

Donna Levi
Kindergarten Teacher Assistant

Years of Experience in Education: 22
Years at Horizon Honors Elementary School: 22
Background: Parapro certified, classes at the community college level.
Favorite Part about Working in a Classroom: “I love seeing when the lesson has clicked. “
Why Work with Kindergarten Students? “They want to be here, they want to learn and I love being a part of that.”