Kindergarten Feedback

Parents play a significant role in the learning process at Horizon Honors Elementary School. The leadership team has an open door policy with families and encourages community feedback. Below are statements from some of our recent Kindergarten parents about our unique Kindergarten program.


Ricci FamilyThe reason we chose Horizon Honors Elementary for our children is the parent/teacher/student cooperative. We feel like we are truly an active part of our children’s education. Horizon Honors Elementary has an open door policy, which for me means that when I am missing my child, I can go have lunch with them. I can drop in for a math class, or volunteer during project group, or lead an art project!

Project group is a very special piece of my child’s education. It is the piece where everything comes together. The students read about a topic, study the topic, take a field trip related to the topic, and then actually have hands-on exploration time. I feel this really reinforces the learning!

Karyn Ricci


Speed Family

Our son’s educational and social progress during his Kindergarten year has been amazing and exceeded our highest expectations! We firmly believe that his success in and out of the classroom can be directly attributed to the Horizon Honors Elementary School staff and their Kindergarten model. For extended day students, the children have the opportunity of working with each Kindergarten teacher for different subjects, to prepare them for Elementary. Additionally, the children are challenged to work at their reading and mathematics levels, even if it is beyond Kindergarten level. Our son’s teachers have shown a genuine interest in not only providing the highest quality instruction, but also in taking a personal interest in understanding him as a unique individual. We feel very fortunate to have had the opportunity to send our son to such a nurturing environment, with such a dedicated staff as Horizon Honors Elementary provides. We are excited and feel very comfortable sending our younger daughter to this Kindergarten in the near future.

Dorothy Dominiack


Dominiack Family

Being the mother of four active boys, it was very important to me to find a program that is willing to think “outside of the box” and encourage the use of movement in learning. Horizon Honors Elementary School Kindergarten has done this and so much more. With the use of “Brain Gym” and various movement activities, as well as P.E. class more than once a week, student development is enhanced in a variety of ways to better help stimulate growth and learning. In addition, the kindergarten staff is good at recognizing and accommodating learning strengths and weaknesses and working with children in their development. In my experience, parent and teacher communication is excellent and a high quality, well-trained, and full-time teacher assistant is present in each class to further support each child’s learning.

Carrie Speed


Carr FamilyThis Kindergarten program is amazing. Our children are evaluated and broken up for the different core subjects by ability, so many students change classrooms for math or reading depending on their needs. In addition, our students have the opportunity to take “specials,” including Spanish, P.E., Technology, and Music. One of the most valuable benefits of the program is “Project Group,” a quarter-long in-depth study of a particular subject. During Project Group, the students interact with one-another in a group setting, participate in hands-on experiments and projects, and have detailed discussions about the subject at hand. At the end of the quarter, they present what they have learned to their parents at “summative,” where they apply and demonstrate their knowledge as well as get a first experience in public speaking. I feel that the program goes above and beyond a traditional Kindergarten education, giving the students practical skills and knowledge for real-life situations. Our family couldn’t be more pleased with the results.

Kristen Carr


Masing FamilyI absolutely love the Kindergarten program at Horizon Honors Elementary School. The classrooms are in their own separate area with their own playground. My daughter gets a “Special” each day. The teachers each teach a special (P.E., Technology, Music, Spanish) so they get to know all of the students in the program. It is wonderful to walk into school and have various teachers say good morning to my daughter by name. The teachers are all wonderful and they work together as a team to develop curriculum and combine their ideas so that all of the Kindergarten classrooms are on the same page. It feels like you have the expertise of several teachers as opposed to just one like in a traditional program. Each classroom has a teacher assistant (TA), which is something that I personally couldn’t find at any other school. It is priceless to have two teachers in the classroom. I feel like because of the TA, the teacher is able to really focus on each child and give them individual instruction and assistance. They also have time to deal with hurt feelings and help coach the students to work through their emotional needs or any problems that arise. My daughter’s teacher always has specific insights into her day from behavior, to academics and even how she plays on the playground. I really feel like she is watched and taken care of. As a parent, I love that my daughter eats lunch in the classroom and is supervised by the TA. I know that she will be safe and they also help the kids to eat all their healthy food first, which is wonderful! My daughter loves Project Group as well. Each quarter, the teachers tailor Science and Social Studies objectives into a thematic unit. Project Group is full of fun projects and hands on experiments to teach the information. The kids also work on their presentation skills in order to present to the parents what they have learned over the quarter at Summative. I love coming to Summative at the end of each quarter and watching my daughter beam with pride as she tells me about what she learned that quarter. They also utilize various forms of technology in the classroom (laptops, iPads, power point presentations, apple tv, etc.) which my daughter loves! I would have to say though, that my two absolute favorite things about the program are their open door policy and the Individualized Learning Plan (ILP) Conferences. Parents are welcome in the classroom at any time. The teachers are also excellent at returning phone calls and emails and they encourage parents to communicate any questions or concerns. There are ILP Conferences every quarter so that I know exactly how my daughter is doing socially and academically and what she will be learning next. The students are allowed to work at their own academic level so my daughter has been able to work on curriculum that is above her grade level, which keeps her challenged. We love being a part of this community. It really feels like a family that is full of truly amazing parents and children.”

Erin Masing